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USHCA Webinar

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Wuzi University

European Supply Chain and North American Supply Chain modules are being piloted at Beijing Wuzi University

In September 2021, Beijing Wuzi University students in the International Logistics and Supply Chain Management Program started their participation in the Global Supply Chain Classroom (GSCC) pilot inter-regional supply chain education program. Following the successful delivery of the Asia-Pacific Supply Chain module in the spring 2021 semester, International Logistics and Supply Chain students are being […]

Global Supply Chain Management Education and Innovation Forum – June 2021

This forum focused on the recent changes in the field of global supply chain management and resultant response from the supply chain education institutions.

Certified Food Safety Professional

Improving Food Supply Chain Safety

Improving safety and sustainability in the global food supply chain is critical. At GSCC, we are excited to announce that Sino-American Logistics Council (SALC) and Global Supply Chain Classroom (GSCC) have entered into an agreement with the Society of Food & Environmental Health (SFEH) Macao to offer the Certified Food Safety Professional (CFSP) certification program. […]